Accelerating the Donor Organ Matching Process Through Instant Medical Image Sharing

Download the case study to learn about the results that Gift of Life saw by tapping into the Life Image network.

Download the case study

Gift of Life Michigan is an organ procurement organization that facilitates the transplant of approximately 800 organs each year. They work between donors, hospitals and transplant centers to match organs with waiting patients. One of the factors that were slowing the transplant process was that medical images were not available with organ data. They were in need of an efficient way to get medical images to transplant surgeons, in order to determine organ viability.

By gaining access to the Life Image network Gift of Life could easily share images with their users. Download the case study to see the results that they achieved by tapping into the Life Image network.

The images have been easily accessible and of high quality. That is crucial for us to fulfill our mission of saving and improving lives through donation and transplantation. PAUL LANGE, MD.

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