Important COVID-19 Updates to Support Your Health Organization's Operations 

Visit our help page for tutorials to learn how to send or receive exams from patients or outside organizations. You can do this on an episodic basis, using a slightly more automated approach through your website, or potentially a FHIR capability directly in your EHR. 

It is essential to reduce the number of CDs carried in or delivered by patients into the hospital setting to support social distancing and reduce the potential to spread infection. It is imperative, in this time of crisis, that you work with a vendor that has a mature and reliable product. Life Image has been a trusted partner for interoperability solutions for more than 12 years. Life Image customers already have the capability to digitally exchange imaging with patients, providers, imaging groups, telehealth companies, other hospitals irrespective of whether those organizations are also Life Image customers.

Recent evidence regarding the role of chest CT in COVID-19 diagnosis

Recent evidence regarding the role of data exchange in COVID-19 diagnosis

  • "Data changes the game in terms of how we respond to pandemics. Global data on disease trajectories and the effectiveness and economic impact of different social distancing measures are essential to facilitate effective local responses to pandemics. COVID-19 data flowing across geographic borders are extremely useful to public health professionals for many purposes such as accelerating the pharmaceutical development pipeline, and for making vital decisions about intensive care unit rooms, where to build temporary hospitals, or where to boost supplies of personal protection equipment, ventilators, or diagnostic tests. Sharing data enables quicker dissemination and validation of pharmaceutical innovations, as well as improved knowledge of what prevention and mitigation measures work. Even if physical borders around the globe are closed, it is crucial that data continues to transparently flow across borders to enable a data economy to thrive which will promote global public health through global cooperation and solidarity." Following Data as it Crosses Borders During the COVID-19 Pandemic. April 20, 2020. 

Life Image is committed to helping the healthcare community carry out their critical work of caring for patients. It is crucially important that providers have the uninterrupted ability to care for lives, coordinate with other physicians, and to minimize health risks to your own employees. We continue to monitor the public health crisis. Here is what we are doing to keep our customers and staff safe and operational.

Given this situation, several Life Image hospitals who are on the front lines of care delivery, have asked the company how we can help them manage the coordination of accessing, sharing, and collaborating of chest CTs with physicians and patients by expanding their image exchange services to facilities not yet connected. These customers have expressed concern about undiagnosed and diagnosed patients arriving with CDs as opposed to having those exams digitally transferred and available before the patient arrives. Depending on your needs, there are a number of strategies and tactics that can be deployed quickly to ensure that these connections are made to enable the sharing of diagnostic images and their associated data.

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